Civil Engineering Services Offered

by PRD Land Development Services

  • Single Family Residential Projects

  • Commercial Development

  • Construction Administration

  • Construction Documents, Drawings

  • Construction Drainage Study

  • Detention Pond Design and Analysis

  • Site Feasibility Analysis

  • Utility Design

  • Multi Family Developments

  • Land Planning

  • Public Plans and Profiles

  • Platting Services

  • Access Management Analysis (TXDOT)

  • Storm Water Quality Permitting

  • Construction Surveying

  • Earth Work Analysis

  • Parking Lot Design

  • Traffic Studies

  • Specification Writing

The trusted team at PRD Land Development Services has the necessary experience on both large- and small-scale projects to complete plans to client specifications. PRD Land Development Services can handle most any civil engineering project, with specialists and experience in:​

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