Recent Projects of PRD Land Development Services

At PRD Land Development Services, our extensive experience allows us to anticipate challenges and develop client-focused solutions to deliver projects successfully.


Review our recent projects below to understand the level of expertise and experience we bring to every project.​

Location: Humble, TX

PRD was honored to assist in the design of an innovative 116,000 square foot elementary school to help serve the growing population of the Humble Independent School District.  The nearly 20-acre site features a unique rounded site layout with three separate parking areas to separate school buses traffic from that of parents dropping off their students.
Permitting is underway, and the school is planned to be open in time for the 2020 school year.

Location: Brazoria County

This upscale senior living multifamily project sits on a 10-acre tract in northern Brazoria County.  PRD assisted in organizing preliminary approval to allow for regional detention to allow for a more developable area.  The project features a courtyard with an amenitized outdoor space and pool, a community center, and parking garages for select units. 

When completed this project will serve the expanding number of seniors in the area that are looking for an upscale lifestyle but no longer wishing to maintain a home.

Location: Baytown, TX

This project includes a nearly 95,000 square foot building with office space and warehousing on a piece of land that is more than 10 acres. The client needed their facility to include ample parking for their employees, an expansive laydown yard, and a railroad spur into the building.

PRD proudly assisted in the design of the project and helped navigate an extraordinarily complex permitting process with multiple entities that required review and approval of the project while still keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

The project is nearly complete and is set to be open in early 2019.

Location: Cypress, TX

PRD continues to serve the medical community by assisting in the design of a three-story, 74,000 square foot medical clinic for Kelsey Seybold to help their patients in the expanding Cypress area.  As with all Kelsey Seybold Clinics the site design needed to accommodate a portable MRI machine located on the back of a tractor-trailer.  This vehicle has unique turning limitations and cannot be near anything that is magnetic. The features required particular accommodations in the layout of the site and the design of the pavement. 

This project is currently under construction and is due to open in late 2019.

Location: Tomball, TX


PRD served as the principal site civil engineer and was charged to design the paving, drainage, domestic water distribution system, fire water distribution system, and the sanitary sewer system.


PRD coordinated with the local municipal utility district to arrange for connection into a nearby regional storm water detention, preventing the need to purchase additional land for this project.


PRD also devised a grading plan that will ensure the building will be elevated and operational during extreme flooding events, while not compromising the ability for the driveways in and out of the facility from being too steep to be serviceable.

Location: Houston, TX


PRD Land Development Services served as a consultant and civil engineer for Legacy Community Health’s Fifth Ward Lyon’s Clinic, a 16,900-square foot campus encompassing health services.


Click to take a 360-degree virtual tour of the building.

Location: Stafford, TX


The nearly 14,000 sq. foot facility is now open to the public. It features state-of-the-art indoor shooting lanes, retail space, three fully-equipped training rooms, and a member lounge.


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