If you work in land development in the greater Houston area, you are probably no stranger to the Municipal Utility Districts or MUD’s. Researching water and sanitary sewer utility locations and capacity is typically your first order of business when evaluating the viability of a new development.

In Texas, MUDs are governed by Title 4, Chapter 54, Subchapter A of the Texas Water Code.

Once you determine that your site is in a MUD, the next step is coordinating with this governing entity. We’ve listed three steps that can’t be missed for an effortless experience that will keep your project on time without missing any steps.

  1. Contact the MUD to request any plans, forms and necessary information to complete your design to their standards. Rate orders will also benefit the client in knowing the foreseen costs ahead of time
  2. Ensure your plans properly show the MUD’s existing connections and coordinate how they want to see the proposed connections.
  3. Request any forms or letters of no objection that other governing entities will be requesting in their separate reviews of plans

Have questions regarding a MUD and your next project? Feel free to reach out to us at PRD Land Development. We’re here to help and are committed to being the go-to solution on projects that are too complicated for the average civil engineering firm.

How to Coordinate with a MUD