Recent Projects of PRD Land Development Services



Skyline Volleyball

Houston Skyline Juniors is a 5,000 square-foot training and performance center for volleyball. PRD provided civil engineering for the project for an added sidewalk and pavement. As well as created drainage to flow into a swale. The project was completed in 2019.


Bailey Road Storage

Bailey Road Storage is located at 4000 Bailey Avenue in Manvel, Texas. The approximately 54,000 square-foot project was completed in 2019. PRD maximized development by using a pump system. Limited detention facilities required pond to be right-of-way adjacent. Offsite drainage was diverted to swales.


Star Cinema Grill

Located on a 5.6-acre site, PRD Land Development Services served as the civil engineer for Star Cinema Grill, a theatre in Sugar Land, Texas. Because this site was developed after the existing roundabout was constructed, the grades for the site were required to tie into the road while the building was required to sit much higher than the existing road. Once design began, PRD determined that a retaining wall would be necessary for allowing natural access to the theatre while sustaining the desired aesthetics of the site.


Make sure to stop by one of our most recently completed projects! This Star Cinema Grill is a sight to behold and just look at that gorgeous parking lot! This massive movie theatre has over 50,000 square feet of entertainment space. Stop into Richmond soon and let us know what you think!  


Beltway Southwest Building 4

Another amazing commercial site built in the City of Houston covering 7-acres. PRD tirelessly researched and discovered a regional detention plan. This regional detention plan allowed the development to save on the budget. 

PRD Land Development consulted on this 7-acre site located in the City of Houston. The industrial building stands at 112,500 square feet, and the design required sufficient drainage away from the building while still allowing access for large trucks to the truck well docks. While the detention for the overall site had been previously designed and constructed, the grading and storm design was locked in by the previously constructed directly adjacent site. The challenge of draining away from the proposed building without draining onto the adjacent site involved a storm design that would allow for the inlets to act as a swale draining the runoff towards the existing detention. 

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