PRD Land Development Services considers it a privilege to work on education projects. It’s always exciting to understand the unique needs of each school or university and create a plan so that each and every student and staff member is taken care of.

When a child drinks from a school water fountain – think civil engineer. When a teacher is able to turn on the classroom lights – think civil engineer. When the school road entrances are designed in a way to prevent a traffic jam – think civil engineer.

Because of our specialty with municipal engineering for public spaces, we routinely prepare, implement and enforce ADA Transition Plans, plan with accessibility issues in mind and keep informed of the latest accessibility codes and standards. Your civil engineer should be confident in discussing this with you.

San Jacinto College is a public community college in the Greater Houston area with its campuses in Pasadena and Houston, Texas. PRD was tasked with renovating parking for a 100,000 square-foot building which required additional handicap spaces and bus access to be ADA compliant.

Each school or university is different but working alongside other agencies during the process is routine. PRD was the civil engineer for Humble ISD Elementary 29, a 19.919 acres site located in Humble, Texas. We worked alongside the Fire Marshall to confirm that the building followed all fire regulations. We also did detention ponds, a grading plan, water, sanitary, and storm sewers.

If you are working on a project involving a school or university and need a civil engineering firm with experience and expertise reach out to PRD Land Development Services today.

Building a school? What your civil engineer should know.