Hospitals and medical campuses have unique build challenges that must account for evolving technology, increased specialization, and maintaining operations while under construction.

PRD Land Development Services specializes in making sure these projects are designed with the future in mind and completed in phases that don’t interrupt life-saving operations.

Infection control is a top priority for hospitals and construction projects must not negatively impact the health or safety of patients in hospitals. Often, it is necessary to work with a hospital’s infection control group that will dictate requirements to control dust and maintain safe pressures so that the active hospital adjacent to these projects remains safe.

There are a number of unique requirements in a hospital that do not necessarily apply to other projects. There are several requirements including ASHRAE, NFPA, and health department codes that other engineers may not be familiar with if they are not doing health care work regularly like us.

The effects of Hurricane Harvey, and other natural disasters, have made a focus on the building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure systems even more important. These systems must be resilient beyond normal capacity and maintain critical operations during disruptive events. As a result, significant thought must be given to redundancy, reliability, and maintainability so that this risk is minimized or eliminated.

For example, our project with Sugarland Rehab Hospital, a 45,305 square-foot hospital in Sugar Land, Texas, required a utility design with 2 metered waterline connections and a fireline connection to reinforce its systems.

We also plan and design flexibility into technology infrastructures so that the buildings are equipped to accept new technologies as they become available and it can be easily integrated.

We assisted in the design of Kelsey Seybold – Kingwood, a three-story, 54,000 square-foot Medical Clinic for Kelsey Seybold to help their patients. The site design needed to accommodate a portable MRI machine location on the back of a tractor-trailer, this vehicle has unique turning limitations and cannot be near anything magnetic.

If you are looking to work with a civil engineer on a hospital or medical campus, these are all things that must be kept in mind. With PRD Land Development Services, it’s one of our specialties so you will be in good hands. Reach out to us today. We understand the impact on existing systems that all of our designs have and have a plan for how this can be accomplished while keeping the facility functioning.

Building a hospital? Things your civil engineer should know.