In 2019, there have been many bills enacted in Texas for Flood Mitigation Legislation. Find below a comprehensive list. Make sure to keep these bills in mind as you design and develop your next build.

TX SB7: Amends the existing floodplain management account to create the Texas Infrastructure Resiliency Fund, which houses four accounts: floodplain management account, Hurricane Harvey account, flood plan implementation account, and federal matching account. Also requires a report from agencies that utilize federal dollars.

TX SB8: Requires the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), not later than September 1, 2024, to prepare and adopt a comprehensive state flood plan. Requires TWDB to designate flood planning regions corresponding to each river basin and provide technical and financial assistance to the groups.

TX SB563: Requires a state agency that uses or disburses federal money for flood research, planning, or mitigation projects to submit a report on a quarterly basis to the state Water Development Board.

TX HB2345: Creates the Institute for a Disaster Resilient Texas as a component of Texas A&M University to develop data analytics tools to support disaster planning, mitigation, response, and recovery and create and maintain web-based tools to communicate disaster risks and ways to reduce those risks.

TX SB1082: Establishes a joint interim committee to continue to study the feasibility of creating and maintaining a coastal barrier system that includes gates and barriers to prevent storm surge damage to gulf beaches or coastal ports, industry, or property.

TX SB285: Sets forth requirements for information and outreach regarding hurricane preparedness and mitigation. Requires the reports of state agency preparedness for hurricane responses to be published on the Governor’s Office website.

TX SB289: Creates a Disaster Recovery Task Force to operate throughout the long-term recovery period following disasters by providing specialized assistance for communities and individuals to address financial issues, federal assistance programs, and recovery and resilience planning.


A comprehensive list of 2019 Flood Mitigation Legislation Bills enacted in Texas